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UAN Login and uan member Portal helps you to Find Details of EPF UAN Status, UAN Activation process, UAN Benefits in Transferring, withdrawal, correction (Address change, Date of birth and Name) and lots of benefits by UAN (universal Account Number by EPFO India).

EPFO UAN Login Status & Activation 

What is UAN Number?

EPF UAN is a 12 digit universal account number allocated to every EPF (Employees Provident Fund) member by the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization). EPFO has launched the UAN login (Universal Account Number) Portal to give various facilities to it members. To avail, various facilities employee has to activate his/her registration.

Note: UAN number Allocated By EPFO Employee Provident fund Organisation India only. EPF UAN Status used to check whether UAN Number allotted for you or not. Most of the Employees can get UAN Number from Employers. But EPF UAN also Available online. Please note that employees before 1990 (i don’t know exact won’t UAN number).  If UAN not Allocated you can Generate a Request for UAN Number at UAN member portal

You can check Both EPF UAN Status & UAN Generation Request status.

EPFO Login Portal Vs UAN Login Portal

  1. Epfo Login can be useful for checking balance & claim status at epfo members portal, members
  2. But With UAN Login can Check Epf Balance many times in a month as you want. you can epf statement, now it termed as UAN Statement or uan passbook.
  3. With EPFO login member can file claim offline with employer permission. but with UAN Members login portal. UAn Members can file a transfer online withdraw to bank account without visiting regional epfo office and employer Human Resource Officer.
  4. With Epfo portal, Member can withdraw before after he leaving the previous employer. But With UAN Portal Members can hold all the PF accounts.
  5. They can close pf accounts by transferring fund to another pf account.

 uan login member portal online services?

  1. Online claim Transfer to Old PF account to new PF
  2. List all the PF Accounts attached with UAN Number.
  3. Update EKyc  Address Change, PAN, Aadhaar Number and bank account details online very easy process.
  4. with help of UAN login Member can do a Withdraw request online directly to bank account.
  5. UAN Members can check pf balance by SMS, Missed call etc.
  6. Only UAN Members can eligible to download EPFO Android app and use it without logging again and again.
  7. And a lot of services are updating with Epf UAN Members portal.
  8. Every citizen of India can register with UAN Portal without employer consent. without any job too.

How to check EPF UAN Status Online?

  • You can check EPF UAN (Universal Account number) status at epf portal, with following details.
  • Only one thing is required that is PF Number, first select State and then PF office,
  • Then enter the PF Account and click on submit to check UAN Status.
  • Also, you can Check UAN Generation Request Status by Request ID for this you have to enter Request Id generated while you requesting UAN Number at EPF’s Portal.
  • UAN login for members only possible after activating the existing uan number.
 Note: Only PF number required to check UAN Status.

Know your PF UAN Status here

EPFO UAN login Number Verification

Above option useful to check either UAN number allocated or not. 
If allocated you will be prompted enter the following details to activate
 the UAN Number.

Details Required To Verify The UAN Number

The employee should have the following details to search their Universal Account Number (UAN).

  1. Employee Name – Name of the employee as given in PF Account.
  2. Date Of Birth – Employee Date of birth as given in the EPFO.
  3. Mobile Number – Currently working mobile number to get the Authorization Pin.
  4. PF Number – PF Number is printed on the salary slip.

Here UAN verification Means Generating UAN Online epfo UAN Login member Portal. in case you may get errors like Mismatch UAN Number and Member id (PF number).

How to Activate EPF’s UAN login Number

When employee receive the UAN (Universal Account Number) by the employer. The Employee can register his/her Universal Account Number through official website of Employees Provident Fund Organisation India by following the steps given below:

Note: For activating UAN number Email id, Phone Number, PF number and UAN Number 

UAN Portal Registration process includes below three steps.

PART I: UAN login Activation with PF

  • Go to the link given here –
  • Click on the Button Activate it beneath UAN login form.
  • That will take you UAN Based registration Form,
  • Enter Your Universal Account Number (UAN),
  • Mobile Number, State, and PF Office
  • PF Number

Part 2 Activation of UAN login With Mobile:

  • Click on the GET PIN to receive the Authorization Pin on your mobile number through SMS.
  • Once you receive Authorization Pin, Enter the Pin and submit the form.
  • After submitting the form, A new window will open on uan portal which says that Member Credentials are Verified.

Part 3 Activation of UAN login Creating Password

  • On the same window, you have to create the password for login to the UAN member Portal.
  • Once you create your password and submit the form, The UAN Registration process will complete.
  • You can get UAN Number and password Through  SMS to your mobile Number.
  • You can Login to EPFO member Portal using your User ID (UAN) and Password.

Once you have UAN, It will help you in various ways given below:

UAN Member Portal Login & Registration:

uan login epfo

UAN Registration process includes checking the status of EPF UAN number and activating at epfo portal.You can do login with UAN number & Password. if you forgot the password, You can reset it by clicking forgot the password by providing UAN & Mobile Number.

If you forgot UAN Number then you can get it by EPF UAN status option by providing the provident fund account number.

How to get EPF UAN number without a job?

All Citizens of India. Now get EPF UAN Number before getting the job in future. As per EPFO India 20% of employees not getting PF amount due to their incorrect data and lack Awareness of transferring PF account balance to another account when moving to other company especially in private sectors. I am also, created the account in uan portal I am able to log in, I forgot login details. there is no way to get the password through email id. only phone number works. I have to try once again at uan login portal.

EPF UAN Portal (Universal Account Number) Benefits

  • SMS Alert: Employees will receive monthly SMS alert of contribution by them and their Employer to the EPF account. An employee can check the total balance available in EPF account by downloading the EPF passbook from EPFO Member Portal.
  • No Employer Involvement To Withdraw Funds: Employee will not require transfer request as money on the old account will automatically transfer to their new account once the present employer verifies the KYC details of the employee.
  • No Fund Transfer Required: But you have to visit uan login portal regularly to check claim status Once the present employer verifies the UAN and KYC details of the employee, The money from the old account of the employee will automatically get transferred to the employee new account.

4 main benefits by EPF UAN login Portal:

  1. Download/view/print latest Epf passbook account or statement.
  2. Transfer PF Account balance online to another pf account.
  3. Update KYC details like Date of birth, name change, Address Chane PAN and Aadhaar card and other etc.
  4. Paperless claims withdrawal online.
  5. A member can also view other members details.

epf uan status activation process

Facilities Provided by EPFO Using epf UAN Number

Once employee registers their UAN through EPFO member Portal can use various facilities given below:

  •  UAN members can download their Passbook/ UAN Card.
  •  View the list of previous member ID.
  • uan members can view Linking Status.
  • The employee can do File Transfer Claim and can check the Transfer claim status/ System generated transfer claim status.
  • UAN members can update Email ID, Mobile Number, KYC Information, Password and Personal details.
  • An employee can apply for the online PF Transfer.
  • An employee can check the PF account balance using missed call facility from their registered mobile number.

PF Number VS EPf UAN Number

Provident Fund Number Changes when you moving to other company, But not UAN Number. Also, it holds all the PF Numbers with your data.

A UAN enabled mobile number can get balance details by giving a missed call. To know more please check EPFO SMS Services list.

If UAN Not allocated Generate New UAN

  • Check The UAN status with PF Number. (If you UAN Not allocated).
  • Then UAN portal prompt to enter the following details to generate a New UAN number.
  1. Member name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Email ID
  4. Phone Number
  5. Username (your UAN Generate later)
  6. Password (set it but don’t forget)
  • Click on authorize your mobile number.
  • you will get a message like Your UAN login generation requested accepted, it will take 7 days to process the changes.
  • You can Get UAN Request ID on the screen so it useful to track UAN generation request.
  • Once you Got UAN Go back to UAN login portal and download uan passbook.

Summary of epf uan status: 1st step check Epf uan status, 2nd step if allocated go for UAN activation if not generate epf uan request. once theEpf UAN number allocated. you can activate it by providing Aadhaar, PAN epf number details as mentioned above.

PF Transfer with UAN Login portal?

PF withdrawal is rather than PF transfer, But with Help of UAN Login Portal or UAN Number PF Account automatically transferred to NEW Employer.  But You have to submit details like old Pf Number, UAN Number, and Aadhaar Number.

You can also link UAN Number with PF Number by sending an SMS. I have written about this article this epf blog. you may also contact us on [email protected]

uan helpdesk Portal login no email id

UAN member portal problems:

  1. Incorrect password
  2. UAN Number & epfo Member mismatch
  3. Phone Number Update:
  4. Date Of Birth DOB Incorrect

UAN Helpdesk inoperative login

UAN Helpdesk login

  1. what is my uan?
  2. incorrect details – name/ father name/dob/
  3. incorrect details – name/ father name/dob/DOJ etc.
  4. passbook problem
  5. SMS was not received during uan activation
  6. details not matching during uan activation
  7. KYC pending with the employer.

UAN helpdesk portal

Two ways you can login to UAN Helpdesk.with EPFO and UAN, EPFO members can enter username and password. Registered users can enter Reference id . also referred as complaint registration ID.If you forgot reference id then click forgot reference id on UAN Helpdesk login portal.Enter your Date of Birth & Mobile Number. then retrieve your uan complaint ID to resolve your problem and check ticket status.

forgot UAN number how to get?

Generally, you can by Mobile Number. but in case your mobile number changed. then you have to contact UAN helpdesk, not by Toll-free number or email.

due to heavy Requests epfo launched UAN helpdesk portal. you can login to the uan helpdesk portal. and create a ticket ID. then track your complaint status.

Before creating ticket select the problem as “Forgot Password and Mobile Number is changed”

uan helpdesk Email id: [email protected]

UAN Contact number toll-free: 1800118005  Technical Help: 18001-18005 (TollFree)

Timings: 7 AM – 8 PM.

How to login to uan portal without UAN Password? 

If you are forgotten the password and the mobile number also changed. in this scenario only way to get back the uan login details by contacting Epfo’s uan helpdesk portal, this portal available in two languages Hindi and English. select the problems as (forgot the password and mobile number changed. provide the details of your epf account details.

After submitting a request to epf helpdesk website online. you get a request id, with this tracking id you can check the status of the uan helpdesk ticket.

EPFO & UAN Portal References:

  1. EPFO UAN Login for Employers  (Establishment registration & ECR Challan payment)
  2. epf UAN Services for Members available at
  3. pf Uan Members login at
  4. UAN Helpdesk for both employers & employees
  5. NEW UAN Members Login portal employees


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  3. Unified UAN Activation,
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  5. employer uan portal.