Uan activation for uan member portal registration login

Uan activation on mobile

  • We can now activate UAN number on mobile app by epfo.
  • For activation of uan on mobile, download the epf app from Google play store.
  • Or you can directly download it from EPFO’s uan login portal.
  • This uan activation app can be useful for members, employers, and pensioners.
  • After downloading and installing the app. Open it on the mobile phone. Select member options, then select uan activation among uan passbook and activation.

On the uan activation panel, enter your uan Number, if you don’t know uan number already. You can check uan status for knowing your number. Else ask the employer. Or request uan portal we can generate a uan number for your membership as well as pf number.
After entering the uan number on the mobile app.
Enter your member ID don’t get panic just use pf number.

  • Confirm the establishment or company name.
    Furnish the details of your parent/husband etc.
    Enter your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. DOB is compulsory for uan activation.
    You may also change dob on uan portal later after the activation.

Enter your mobile number. And click on get pin to confirm the mobile verification.

Enter captcha code as it is n the box. Click I agree and submit.

uan activation flow chart

Part 2of uan activation is setting the password for uan Portal login.

Uan login portal security instructions

Always check HTTPS version. Because hackers now improved the skills according to the technology.
Choose strong password minimum 8 characters.include Small, cap, number, and symbol.
Don’t use 23@# by serial. it’s common for every password.After successfully creating the password click on submit.
After uan activation you can login to uan portal within minutes.

Uan activation at uan portal

Just look at uan activation process flow image below

EPF India portal>>>Uan portal>>>uan activation link>>activation form>>furinshdetails>>confirm Mobile>>set password>>>login.

Required details for uan activation

Pf Number
Uan number
Registered mobile number
Husband or father details
Date if birth.

Zero documentation for uan activation, unlike epfo registration.

Uan portal registration also called as uan activation in general terms.

Uan status

Every epfo member doesn’t need to check uan number status. Because it already allocated to you and handover by employer along with pf details.
You could check for uan status only if you don’t know the uan already.

Visit the unified uan portal check for uan status form, when you are at uan status checking page,

Only enter your pf number to check your uan Number.
If uan number is linked with your pf number. Then universal account number member portal asks your mobile number.

Just enter your registered mobile number to get the uan number by SMS.

If you get a message like uan number not found for this member id. Or uan number and member id mismatch. Then contact your employer or uan help desk.


UAN member portal Registration

If uan number not found for your pf number. You can generate a request on uan portal.
For this, you have to pf number and member details.

Uan number generation is the entity of the employer. They can generate multiple uan numbers on uan employer portal.employer have access to search uan number and pf number of the members Incase of they joining with the new company from the old employer.

In this article we knew about uan activation, uan status to know uan number, uan generation to generate a uan number if not already exist.

Sometimes one uan allocates two more employees. We have to report it on uan help desk portal.

Uan activation or registration advantages

Portability, transference in pf scheme. With uan activation now every new employee is showing interest to join the epfo scheme. To get the advantage of tax-free income. Epfo member should earn more interest rather than fixed deposit and saving account.

Advantages for existing epfo members.

  1. They can check EPF member balance online at uan portal with uan number.
  2. Download uan passbook or pf statement anytime not like epfo balance statement monthly once.
  3. With uan activation now employees getting transaction alerts to mobile.
  4. They can check uan epf balance by SMS missed call etc
  5. Pf transfer and withdrawals made very easy no need to visit pf office.