The government has created it very simpler to know the claim status via online. In fact, it has the digitalized the EPFO portal. With aid of this web portal, you can easily able to find your EPFO claim status through the following simple steps. In order to do this procedure, you only need to know your respective PF account number.


  1. PF Number
  2. company epfo code (available in pf number)
  3. UAN Number (generate, activate it)

How to check pf claim status by uan

  1. log in to EPF portal. Click on Our services> For Employees
  2. Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’
  3. Enter your UAN and captcha code
  4. Enter the pf account details /optional (state, pf office region, establishment code, pf number).
  5. click on submit to know the claim status of pf transfer and withdrawal.



check Pf withdrawal / Transfer status @ pf India

  • At first, go to the corresponding website link,
  • Then, choose by clicking on the button Click on  know the pf claim status, Select state
  • Now, choose the PF office state and then select the place of the EPFO office situated
  • After that, you have to fill out the respective details as explained below
  • Extension number- fills the number if you have it or else leave it blank
  • Establishment code– fill out the 7 digit establishment number on the page
  • Account number –fill out your account number
  • PF balance Number or member id contains Maximum 22 digits with Alphanumeric character.

State code: 2 digits

Note: you have to remember your PF balance account numbers does not have an extension or subcode or else establishment code. Thus, so leave it empty if you do not have it.

Now, tap on the submit tab. And it will display your EPF claim status in front of you.

Pf withdrawal: new composite form with Aadhaar & UAn Linked helps withdraw the pf without employer signature.


  1. marriage,
  2. property buying land/home,
  3. illness,
  4. early withdrawal before 58 years,
  5. retirement,
  6. 2 months of unemployment.

Tax on pf withdrawal:

Below 50,000 no tax.

No tax directly on pf withdrawal.


Offline withdrawal: download form fill it get employer signature, submit at the epfo office.

Online: log in to UAN member Portal, service click on claims, then raise a New Claim.


  1. KYC Should be updated
  2. Bank details. aadhaar, pan, etc.
  3. UAN Number should be activated
  4. Aadhaar Number has to be linked.

PF transfer:  one pf account other pf accounts of the same employee. while moving jobs. if more than one pf accounts up to 10 accounts, the employee can transfer all into one with one employee one epf account.

Purpose: when moving to the jobs transfer previous employer to present to attract high-interest rates on epf balance.

it helps to avoid early pf withdrawal. losing pf balance with epfo & employer.


UAN Portal>. services>>transfer>> enter the new employer details. new pf account, name, etc.

click on transfer and wait for few weeks or months.

Date of existing should be entered by your previous employer.

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