EPF balance online | UAN passbook PF balance statement Status

check Epf Balance online Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat, you can download epf statement online many different ways like with pf number, UAN portal login, by missed call, SMS, Android app on mobile and other possible ways.

What is EPF balance? The PF means provident fund it refers to the contribution of money both employee and employer in the form of monthly salary deduction. epf balance refers to the amount of both employee & employers contributions and Epfo interest amount.

Easy Way To Check Epf balance Online

Every employee in the world needs to have epf account for their future use. However, the epf account balances helpful after your retirement and many other critical conditions. If you have epf account, then you want to check the balance frequently. Being a member in epf account can give a number of benefits for you. However, this is the best way of saving and save your future.

EPF balance is the amount that is useful in your future for those who having an account in epf. The account is created with the use of the month salary. The balance consists of the amount deducted every month of the salary plus the amount will be increased in every month salary added to the account. If you like to check the epf account, access online to check it easily. There are many methods are available to enquiry the epf balance such as online, via mobile app, missed call or SMS and UAN.

NOTE: You can download the uan passbook here

These are the main methods to check the epf balance of the pf account. Checking your epf account can be a good way to save your future life. most of the employer have to face a number of financial problems after their retirement. With the use of the epf account, the financial problems are getting the solution after your retirement. However, this is an ultimate solution for your happy life after retirement.


epf balance passbook inquiry:

The process of checking epf balance is very easy for those who using the online to check their balance. However, the technology is improved, so the online provides a special facility to check epf account balance easily. The following step by step process will help the employer to check know their epf account balance without any hassle.

  1.  First of all the employees those who like to check their epf passbook balance they want to open the http://www.epfindia.com/.
  2.  In the epf portal, candidates want to select the state of epf office which your epf account is maintained.
  3.  Select the city offices pertaining to the state in the list of cities,
  4.  The page will be opened just candidates want to fill the page with the use of their valid and unique epf account number in the specific field.
  5.  Finally click the submit button, within few seconds the epf balance details will be sent by SMS to your mobile accurately.

These are the common steps help to check the account balance easily. if you use these step by step process, definitely you can see your EPF account balance present month.

know your epf balance and claim status

  1.     Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
  2.     Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
  3.     You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.
  4.     On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.

check epfo claim status here.

Disclaimer: Epf balance details sent through SMS is inforamtion purpoese only. 
©Employees Provident Fund Organisation, India

Some of the users commented like this on video why they are not able to check pf claim status or pf balance in their account.

  1. I want to know my epf balance as I today but I am unable to check my pf balance?
  2. Transferred epf passbook balance amount is less than actual why?
  3. resigned and applied for PF now not got PF still, 6 months passed what’s the issue?.
  4. How to download epf passbook download online EPFO portal?

to download epf passbook statement you have to log in with your bank account number and document number after that, you can view your epf passbook download history and download epf passbook from the navigation bar. then you can log out from epfo portal.

epf balance

How to check epf balance online?

Generally, we can check epf balance by visiting an official website of employee provident fund of India. Which is EPFO .org are epf india.com also, you can visit regional websites of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore other cities across in India.

For checking pf balance epf claim status and provident fund status, all we need to have PF number, name, and Mobile number.

Please do check epf balance inquiry on http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php. gettting error as sorry th link not found.

check pf balance by uan number and password below the article.

How to check your EPF balance at epfo?

  1.    Visit www.epfindia.gov.in balance check or epfindia.gov.in>>employees>>services>>epf balance.
  2.    Read instructions on provident fund website before clicking on PF balance option,
  3.    Click on the epf balance, check options and select states like AP, TN, UP and other etc.
  4.  After those select regional pf offices.
  5.   And enter pf number. mobile no,  name as per the document.
  6.   Click and agree to check your balance status.
  7. you can get epf balance details by SMS to your mobile.

KNOW YOUR PF BALANCE @ http://www.epfindia.com

Ways to check EPF passbook balance Statement

epf balance check on mobile: Below three 3+ ways to check pf account balance on the mobile phone:

1. Check epf balance by SMS

  • UAN: (universal account number) is mandatory to check pf balance through SMS from registered mobile.
  • Just send SMS as EPFOHOUAN<ENG> to 7738299899: from your UAN Registered mobile.
  • You can find epf SMS balance details in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and other etc.
Note: You can link pf account with UAN number by SMS to same above number.
You could also get every transaction alerts and monthly statement details by SMS alerts.
epf SMS balance details will be sent to your mobile number.

2. Epf balance through missed call

This facility launched in 2015 along with Android app for employment provident fund. Although online pf balance checking facility launched in 2011.but getting popular 2016 onwards.Just give a missed call from your UAN Registered mobile.

check epf balance by missed call to 01122901406

You can get the detail like the last contribution made to pf fund and whole account balance till date.

pf balance checking not working by missed call why?

to check epf balance by missed call, the following conditions are applied.

UAN Number must be activated, valid Mobile number, Aadhaar Card, Pan card and bank details should update on the Uan Portal.

How we get EPF balance by missed call?

generally, epfo members get epf balance details by SMS upon giving missed call to the epfo uan customer care number.

pf number, name, total epf missed call balance and last contribution details sent to phone number within a minute.

3. check EPF balance by Android App

Epf India launched new epf app which is available on Google Android play store. You can download it on mobile.With this, you can pf balance,  download epf statement and check claim status.EPfo mobile app can be available at play store, however, for original epf balance app, members can download it from Epfo Portal. There are 4+ mirrors available to download epf mobile balance app APK directly.

epf member balance app useful for the activation of UAN, view passbook, pension details employer TRRN status.

Open the APP>>Member>>view passbook to know pf details.

pf balance check with uan number:

With UAn number we can check pf balance on the Mobile app, SMS, Missed call service, and UAn member portal.

How many ways to check pf balance with uan number?

As of now the only way to check pf balance online or offline either way with uan number.with Pf, we can get pf balance details by SMS by submitting all epfo member details so it’s not user-friendly for checking epf member balance online.

possible ways check pf balance with uan number is by uan login portal, Uan mobile app, Missed call, by sending SMS to uan portal contact Address.

4. EPF balance By UAN number 

  1. Visit the UAN member portal which is https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  2. upper right side of the uan login portal you may see uan activation & uan login forgot password.etc.
  3. Enter your UAN Number and password which is you are created while activating uan members.
  4. Check uan facilities which then click on pf account balance or uan statement.
  5. you can view it online otherwise print or download 7 send it to your email id.

Just log in with your  Epfo UAN number and password.

 Click on services epf pass book /statement and check your balance.

ways to Check pf balance with uan number

Thre are probably 4 ways to check pf balance with UAN Number. with Pf number, we can only download pf statement and check epf balance at epfo portal without login.

But With UAN Number we can check pf balance By logging into UAN Portal.With Mobile Number, SMS and Missed call services and also with Epfo Mobile app. Monthly alerts if UAN number is activated for your pf account.

Finally, we can say With UAN Number We can check PF balance 4+ ways.

5. EPF statement download epfindia.gov.in

  1. You probably downloaded many times epf passbook or pf account statement on epf India portal.
  2. Just log in to epfo services website using main epf India website. also, you can register to check epf balance.
  3. for epfo Registration Member name, Mobile number, An ID Proof required.
  4. After registration is complete you can check pf balance at the epfo download section.
  5. Just click on Epf passbook or pf account statement.
  6. The Epf statement downloaded in a PDF format.

Epf balance passbook 

while checking epf balance on provident fund India portal. we can get only epf total balance and last contribution details By SMS. But Knowing detailed transactions of epf account will be possible by downloading pf balance book or epf statement. we can see downloading epf passbook on epfo member in old days. but now epfo introduced the new unified uan portal.

We can download epf passbook on two epfo portals.

epf passbook download at uan member portal this called as uan passbook along with epfo passbook you can download uan card too.

pf passbook/statement uan login

Generally, epf balance statement contains last 7 months transaction details towards monthly contribution made by the employee and the employer. pension amount details and the total epf balance which is increased added interested accumulated monthly by epfo.

you can still get epf passbook details by email but this happens once in a year. to get awareness of your epf balance to available load, buying home, marriage, pension, and retirement plans then member needs track epf statement regularly and get some advice on it.

Why Epf scheme better than Bank saving or Fixed deposit?because the interest rate is very high 8.5% but the bank rate is 4.45 for saving with tax interest earned. But epf income is a tax-free income.Are confused to checking epf balance don’t worry there are other easy ways to check the pf balance.

Obviously, uan activation needs for downloading uan passbook or epf statement from uan portal. if you already generated the uan number. then login to uan member portal with uan number and password. and navigate to download sections and click on the uan passbook instead of uan card.

then open uan passbook with acrobat pdf reader or any pdf viewer in case you are using the mobile then you can view it by pdf app or google pdf viewer or with chrome browser too.

EPF balance Passbook on epf member portal?

uan passbook launched by Modi government in the mid of 2015. if you’re not already activated uan, its ok we can still check epf balance by pf number also download the epf passbook from epf member portal, not from uan portal.

to download pf statement member have to register with epfo members services portal if not register with any document id like pan, aadhaar, voter id passport etc and a mobile number. this service launched on 2012 onwards. this passbook facility available only employees whose employee paying epf payment online by uploading ECR challan employer portal.

after registered or login successfully with epf member portal got to download sections, appears in the top navigation menu select dates to download the statement view the details may be submitted to the loan approval etc.

These options very very useful for getting epf balance benefits for home loan opportunity.

Important notes about epf balance

  1.   One only mobile number used for check epf balance & uan / epfo portal registration.
  2. One mobile number can view up to 10 pf accounts balance and manage them like pf transfer etc.
  3. Form no 13 required to add the additional/alternative phone number to epf.
  4. A member can hold multiple member ids (pf accounts) so employees are advised to update KYC at uan portal or member portal.
  5. Now epfo not accepting monthly contributions without Aadhaar number.

EPF balance Transfer

epf balance transfer also known as pf transfer or pf claim this can be requested at online claim transfer portal or OTCP portal. first, the employee can request it online by filling form 13, epf balance transfer can be available also offline but the very time consuming we have to round trip to the pf offices for few weeks. let come to the epf online balance transfer.

the simple process of epf amount transfer: first employee file the request at the otcp portal. then employer visits the epfo sewa portal and claims portal. approves after upon employer approval epf balance transfer epfo officials process further on it. finally, the employee gets the pf balance to the bank account. meanwhile, the employee can track epfo claim status with claim id or pf number.  Within 7 days your epf claim settlement done it means within 1 week you get epf balance to the bank account.

Check EPF Balance for inoperative pf accounts

from 2011, epfo started paying interest to the nonoperative accounts which mean contributions stopped by the employer. reasons due to job changing. if the employee got a new job with new company old employer stops the contribution. then employee got new pf account. while changing the jobs pf accounts are getting the dormant stage. only one reason because of no awareness pf amount transfer. now with uan number all those pf accounts linked with uan number. epf money transfer can be automatically upon request.

From November 2016 epfo paying the interest to dormant epf balance accounts. you got lucky to let invest in the epfo scheme or NPS or any insurance policy with high return mutual funds stock market or buy any immovable property.

Note: there are above 2600 crores under epfo inoperative accounts. now epfo ordered filed officers identify the beneficiaries and settle the claim. 

Epf member id name mismatch fix

while checking epf balance member need to submit exact details on the epfo portal data. which includes name, mobile number, pf number. if the member name not matches we cannot get the epf balance details. so here is the quick fix for changing member name in pf account.

epfo member change online facility available at uan helpdesk but it is still in beta mode. but we can do it offline by visiting the epf office. only epfo commissioner can handle this with employer approval.

EPf balance customer care contact

In the case of any issues in checking eff balance and download epf statement / Uan passbook. then the employee can dial epfo toll-free number 1800118005 and register a complaint. Also, other ways contact the epfo publicly on social media there are official twitter and facebook page. epfo officials here your complaint and rectify your problems.

 Taxes /TDS on EPF balance

before knowing the taxes on pf account first know the pf balance withdrawal eligibility. there is no limit for transferring existing pf balance to another epf account. but transferring/withdrawing money to bank account have many limitation and rules regarding tax. without pan 20% tax epf balance and with pan 10% TDS if 15g or 15h forms submitted then no deductions at epf balance withdrawal this applicable for below 5 years premature withdrawal of above 50,000. if below 50k then no TDS.

epf balance slip annual for employers

employer can download annual epf salary slips for availing tax benefits government of India.

downloading epf annual statements follows this flow, epofindia.gov.in>>services employers>>Ecr/ challan submission>>employer esewa portal>> download epf balance slips

  • pf balance by SMS
  • epf balance inquiry ap, TS Delhi, Bangalore Kolkata
  • epf member balance check on mobile UAN number.

UAN Passbook download for epfo balance

visit The UAN Member portal and enter your UAn Number and password top login. then go to download section.Click On UAN passbook then you could see the epf balance details on UAN statement.

you can download uan passbook from the epfo uan member portal. by sign into the portal and click on services, then download/view the uan passbook.

EPF balance checking process
epf balance at epf members portal not uan portal

7 Ways to check Epf balance Online

  1. pf status check in a/c no @ epf members portal online (by Pf Number & Mobile number)
  2. epf amount check with uan number @ UAN Portal, (UAN Number & password required if not activated uan you can check UAN Activation Process.
  3. PF statement Details also Available On mobile by Epf App (however, epf app needs improvements only UAN members can use the pf mobile app available from the android store not yet available at Apple iTunes.
  4. epf balance inquiry SMS, you may also Know pf amount details by SMS (7738299899)
  5. Check Epf member balance by missed call from uan activated mobile number 01122901406
  6. epf passbook can be downloaded from Epfoservices.in.
  7. Unified UAN passbook also available at uan portal.

UAN number for pf balance

EPF UAN is (universal account number by epfo for its members)

why need to activate epf UAN  number

  1. it is portable when moving from company to other company(pf amount from previous company adds to your epf account).
  2. seeded with the bank account, PAN Card and aadhaar number.

Click here know more about UAN LOGIN Status & Activation.

EPF balance statement explained

Epf Account statement consist of employee & employer contribution and EPFO interest those are accumulated every year. but Epfo interest rate is floating (it decrease or increase based on market situation).

the contribution of EPF balance: 

SchemeEmplyee contributionEmployer contribution
EPS Admin chargesnil0.10%
EDLI Admin chargesnil0.01%
  1. EPF (Employee Provident Fund),
  2. EPS (Employee Pension Scheme),
  3. EDLI (Employee deposit linked scheme)

Question: Is Pf interest rate calculated on monthly or annual?

Answer: It calculated monthly based on the simple interest formula.

Provident fund balance / claim /withdrawal/ status.

Telangana AP Hyderabad epf balance


epf balance Haryana Gurgaon

PopULAR PF offices hitting pf balance portal are Vashi, Thane Mumbai, Bangalore, Bandra Mumbai, Ahmedabad,

Epfo login

  1. kottayam
  2. kozhikodecalicut
  3. krpuramwhitefield
  4. kukatpalli
  5. laxminagar
  6. lucknow
  7. ludhiana
  8. madurai
  9. maladkandivali
  10. mangalore
  11. meerut
  12. muzaffarpur
  13. mysore
  14. mysoreroad
  15. nagercoil
  16. nagpur
  17. naroda
  18. nasik
  19. nizamabad
  20. noida
  21. parkstreet
  22. patancheru
  23. patna
  24. peenya
  25. pondicherry
  26. portblair
  27. pune
  28. raichur
  29. raipurchattisgarh
  30. rajamundry
  31. rajkot
  32. ranchi
  33. rohtak
  34. rourkela
  35. sagar
  36. salem
  37. shillong
  38. shimla
  39. shimoga
  40. siddipet
  41. siliguri
  42. solhapur
  43. surat
  44. tambaram
  45. thanemumbai-ii
  46. thiruvananthapuram
  47. tinsukia
  48. tirunelveli
  49. trichy
  50. udaipur
  51. uduppi
  52. ujjain
  53. vadodara
  54. vapi
  55. varanasi
  56. vashi
  57. vatwa
  58. vellore
  59. vishakapatnam
  60. Warangal
  1. agartala
  2. agra
  3. ahmedabad
  4. akola
  5. allahabad
  6. Ambattur
  7. Amritsar
  8. Aurangabad
  9. bandramumbai-i
  10. bangalore
  11. bareilly
  12. barrackpore
  13. bellary
  14. berhampur
  15. bhagalpur
  16. bharuch
  17. bhatinda
  18. bhopal
  19. bhubaneswar
  20. bommasandra
  21. chandigarh
  22. chennai
  23. chikamagalur
  24. coimbatore
  25. cudapa
  26. darjeeling
  27. dehradun
  28. delhinorth
  29. delhisouth
  30. durgapur
  31. faridabad
  32. goa
  33. gorakhpur
  34. gulbarga
  35. guntur
  36. gurgaon
  37. guwahati
  38. gwalior
  39. haldwani
  40. howrah
  41. hubli
  42. hyderabad epf balance.
  43. indore
  44. jabalpur
  45. jaipur
  46. jalandhar
  47. jalpaiguri
  48. jamshedpur
  49. jangipur
  50. jodhpur
  51. kannur
  52. kanpur
  53. karimnagar
  54. karnal
  55. keonjhar
  56. kochi
  57. kolhapur
  58. kolkata
  59. kollam
  60. kota


What is the ePf balance withdrawal Eligibility?

epf eligibility checklist like  Minimum employees minimum salary and other etc.epf eligibility for claim transfer can be available at pf withdrawal page. Must be an employee in an organization for the minimum time of 6 months. salary range starts from 6000 INR. However,  GOI increased Maximum contributions 15000 to 20,000 in November 2016 but it not officially released.

How to register for the provident fund balance?

Generally, companies HR will take care of Pf registration along with ESI medical services insurance and other facilities. but companies new startup companies can register as the employer on the epfo website. employers can pay the epf payment online & settle claims online.

Trends on epf balance

  • Aadhaar Is Now Mandatory for epfo: All PF holders update Aadhaar at UAN Portal login.Last . maybe extends the last date.
  • All epf websites are down for few days which includes epfindia.com epfindia.gov.in. epfoservices.in.
  • PF Interest rate decreased by 1.5% from 8.8% to 8.65%. as seen on print media.
  • Seeding Aadhaar number with epf India balance have to be target 81 Million.
  • The Maximum contribution of epfo increased up to 20,000 from 15,000.

EPF balance Article Summary: As now many of the epfo members struggling to check their pf balance online with UAn number. UAN Portal really getting serious issues, Anyways epfo portal members still check pf balance, pf passbook on the epfo portal. But UAN portal member services have to Upgrade in order to download UAn passbook.

We can still check pf balance on the mobile app, and SMS to epfo customer care number. the best way to view detailed account statement by downloading the epf statement or uan passbook.

Other epfo uan services are

All About EPFO A Glance (UAN, pf balance checking process, claim status, TDS on epf, online payment, etc).the EPF (Employees Provident Fund Organization) Improving online facilities to provide transparency in PF transactions.The EPFO Formed in the provisions of Act 1952 with 20+ employees. This Government Authority Now providing UAN cards for every citizen of India regardless of employment. I too got a UAN Number without Employment.

EPFO services UAN Login PF Balance check etc

What is meant by UAN (Universal Account Number)?

The UAN is a 12 digit universal account number for your PF where you will obtain from your employer. Moreover, it is not your fresh EPF account number instead of it is a number in which your complete EPF account numbers will be included. Apart from that, you’re all earlier and present PF account numbers will be connected to your UAN number. uan helps to check the pf balance with uan portal.The EPOF is attempting to associate directly to the workers. In fact, it will decrease the function of the company as a proper only employer can check the identity of workers; however, the slow intervention of owner is going to diminish.

The great part of UAN doesn’t require an employer. If your employer is not offering you your UAN then you can get directly in the UAN online web portal in the trouble free manner. Utmost every EPFO members have been offered UAN. At present, EPFO is putting effort to offer UAN to the EPF members those who are unemployed. Thus, it is recommended to each PF balance beneficiaries to obtain their UAN problem.  At present, even without a job as well as graduates those who have never worked can still obtain UAN.

 EPF UAN login & Status.

How to check your PF balance at epfo?

Here are the steps which will be helpful for you to check your respective EPF account balance in the online in a reliable method.  You need to just simply follow the below following steps properly in order to check your EPF account balance. You have to keep in your mind is never forget to skip any steps which are mentioned below.

  • At first, you have to keep your EPFO account number whereas it is defined on our pay slip
  • Now, tap on the below link to verify your EPF balance on the EPFO website, http://www.epfindia.gov.in/.
  • Choose the state where your corresponding PF office is located.
  • Now, choose the proper EPFO regional office and then your PF number is an alphanumeric number as well as, the initial two letters stand for the regional office. For example, if your PF balance number is PY/54321/9876 then select PY as regional office code.
  • Now, fill out the online applications form along with your respective name, then contact number as well as your PF number properly. In the primary text box, you want to enter the seven digits key. After that, in the other box fill out the 3 digit establishment code or leave it blank if you don’t have it. At last, the account number 9876 in the last text box and tap submit button.

Hence, you will get an SMS within 5 minutes along with your EPFO account balance, if your records are updated along with EPF office. Otherwise, it will display you a data not found. In addition, you have to obtain in connect along with your employer in that instance or else wait for a bit time longer for your data to be updated.

Other ways you can check by epf balance through UAN Number, pf balance passbook statement. You can check pf Balance by SMS or Missed call. (know more check below page).

Check PEPF balance by UAN Number and password

Password of Epf portal must be remembered, But UAN number allocated by epfo it does not allow any changes like the password.first of all login epfo member UAN portal. check for available services like balance transfer, epf statement Update KYC details partial withdrawal and other so on.

You can view PF balance online by logging into uanmbers.epfomembers.com

Check pf balance at EPO members portal

Login to epfo members portal if you did not enable UAN, it is one of the traditional ways.

after logged in, check the available service at upper navigation bar. and select and pf balance you can view download epf account statement.

Epf statement includes your contribution of 8.33* and employer contribution of 3.67 and interest rate of 8-12% based on financial year accumulated every month/year.

How to download epf passbook or PF statement?

you can download at epfo members portal by logging into epfo portal and again accessing services>> pf passbook >> download path. uan passbook is the new way to check pf balance online.

2nd way to download PF statement using UAN members portal by proving login credentials like UAN number and password.

How to Check pf balance on mobile?

4 ways to check your pf claim status and account balance on your smartphone.

  • UsIng SMS service,
  • check pf balance Missed call services provided by employee provident fund organization of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata etc branches)
  • Download epf Android App from google play store. IOS app for pf balance India may not be available.
  • Simple way access epfo portal on your mobile browser to avoid storage limits on your device.

Also, check Loan Against epf amount in next article.

Check EPF balance online here.

Some basic input details for knowing pf balance and claim /refund /transfer status

Know your PF Number & Member id format

  • State Code: 2 digits.
  • PF office code: 3 Digits
  • Establishment code: Up to 7 digits
  • Extension code: 3 Digits
  • PF Account number: Up to 7 digits.

pf number example: DS-SHD-1234567-00C-0012345

Note: enter the pf number above format in order to check pf balance.you can search establishment code by regional pf offices like epfo Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, AP, Bangalore. Mumbai, Kolkata etc.

Establishment code is Company Identification code,

extension code in pf: if the company have branches extension code will be OOA, 00B, c like.if the company have no branches then leave it blank or enter 000. last final 7 digits is our pf number.its ok we can see our pf number in the salary slip. State and Epf office code automatically generated by the epfo portal, all you have to enter remaining details along with your PF account number(which is printed on your pay slip).you can retrieve establishment code and extension code on the epfo portal. establishment and extension code required for checking pf balance.

Linking Aadhaar card & Pan card with pf balance

This feature only available for UAN activated members. so those members can update address, pan number, and aadhaar card online at uan members portal.


  1. first of all, login or register at http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/, once your UAN number activated.
  2. you can update all your KYC details, Tax details online.
  3. check below path to update aadhaar number and PAN.
  4. epfo>>services>>employee>>update>>KYCS>>selcts document>>Aadhaar/ PAN>>
  5. Document Type>> proof identity / Proof of adress>> Document number >>(enter aadhaar / pan number>>
  6. select the document to upload to the epf portal.
  7. once you updated the details its take up to 15days to process your request.

After successful mapping of aadhaar update with uan number then users can easily check the PF balance in the form of uan passbook.


How to Check EPF Claim Status?

You can also verify your EPF claim status through online within few minutes, just sampling sitting at your home or anywhere end of the country. The government has created it very simpler to verify the claim status via online. In fact, it has the digitalized the EPFO portal. With aid of this web portal, you can easily able to find your EPFO claim status through the following simple steps. In order to do this procedure, you only need to know your respective PF account number.

check Pf balance claim status / Transfer @ pf India

  • At first, go to the corresponding website link http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYCS.php,
  • Then, choose by clicking on the button Click on  know the pf claim status, Select state
  • Now, choose the PF office state and then select the place of the EPFO office situated
  • After that, you have to fill out the respective details as explained below
  • Extension number- fills the number if you have it or else leave it blank
  • Establishment code– fill out the 7 digit establishment number on the page
  • Account number –fill out your account number
  • PF balance Number or member id contains Maximum 22 digits with Alphanumeric character.

State code: 2 digits

Note: you have to remember your PF balance account numbers does not have an extension or sub code or else establishment code. Thus, so leave it empty if you do not have it.

Now, tap on the submit tab. And it will display your EPF claim status in front of you.

Check epfo Claim status Here.

TDS Deduction on EPFO

The employees, those who have been participating towards EPF account from their earning, may require withdrawing an amount after leaving the work. In addition, if the worker withdraws EPF amount on or else later five years as well as the entire withdrawal is lower than fifty thousand INR, and then there will be no TDS deduction on that Cash.  However, if the worker withdraws EPF amount earlier five years after the amount is equal to otherwise greater than fifty thousand then the TDS will be surely deducted at the source.

  • So below 50,000 withdrawal no TDS as on 5/30/2016 in the term early 5 years.
  • Early 5 years withdrawals are fully taxable as per IT section 80 C. IF PAN not submitted tax rate is 34.6%, if Pan submitted then 10% of the Tax.
  • IF 15G or 15H Submitted No tax will be deducted. 15G (below 60 years) 15H (60+ years) available at income tax portal.
  • After 5 Years No TDS.
  • Employee Provident Fund is exempted from TDS (2016 budget issue)

Note: The Interest rate on PF balance as per 2016-17 financial year is 8.75% / Year. better than saving & Fixed deposit account.

how much of percentage of Pf deduction on monthly salary?

Ans: for only EPF Scheme 12% from basic salary.

Employee and employer contribution to PF Amount 

  • 12% (8.33% Epf + 3.67 EPS) from employee or epf scheme & pension scheme,
  • 8.3% from employer share for Employee pension Scheme 1.1 to 6% by Epfo contribution,
  • employee deposit linked insurance scheme: employee contribution 0.5% from total wages insurance benefit up to 3,60,000.

The Epf contribution will not exceed 15,000 INR Per month.

PF balance withdrawal limits:

  • Employee pension Fund can available after completion 9.6 years of service and  58 years age.
  •  TDS On early 5 years withdrawals, Not allowed to withdraw full pf amount (only your contribution with interest).

loan against pf balance & interest rate

  • You can take the loan from following cases education, marriage, Home / Plot (buy or renovate), To pay existing home repayment you have to wait minimum 10 years.
  • For getting the Loan you have to complete 5 years of service.
  • you can 24times loan amount based on your (basic salary and DA).

UAN Portal Registration for pf balance check

First of all, we have to know UAN Number of Our PF Account. for this, we have to check UAN status By Pf number at uan member portal.  I guess Uan Members portal down since few days. but epfo launched New Unified Uan Portal for Both employers and employees. Some UAN Members struggling to get the Right UAN Portal for their login.

UAN Status & Activation Online at UAN Portal

UAN Status: visit the UAN Members portal and click on check UAN Status right below the UAN Login form. Enter your PF Account Number. select state and your EPFO Office click on get UAN status. If UAN Number allocated then Next you are going activate UAN Number.

Step 2: Generating UAN Number:   Members can enter the following details in order to activate UAn Number online. Member name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth,

Member name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth,

Setting Password For UAN Portal: UAN Portal Must be the Strong password to avoid security issues. 8-32 character and with Mix of Small, capital letters, Numbers, and symbols.

After setting the password and enter captcha code and click on Authorize to get a confirmation message by SMS to your mobile. enter the code to activate UAN Online.

within few days your will get UAN Number SMS. then you are able to login to UAN Portal.

How to login to UAN portal

If you got UAN details By SMS, then your can visit UAn Members portal and enter your UAN Number and password to login. After success full login you can choose various services by offered epfo uan Portal.

TO know more about UAN portal visit UAN Portal section.

what is pf member id for pf balance?

Pf Member id is 22 digits number while uan is 12 digits number if you want link pf member id with UAN number. You can do it by sending SMS from UAN Member mobile number.

Member id created By employer while you joining with the company. Still not get the idea about Pf Member ID it’s Your PF Number.

you may cross check by is Pf member id and Pf Number same?

how to get member id for uan registration?

you can know it on your monthly salary slip (you may already be used it for checking pf balance several times in the past) regarding monthly pf contribution to pf Account number/pf member id.It contains State/ Regional pf office code and establishment code and pf number.

www.epfindia.gov.in>>uan services>>process flow for portability & first time employment.

The Employer has to add new employees to the epfoIndiaa scheme. if members already have pf account with a previous registrar. or new to epfo.

adding the new member to epfo available at our epf employer portal section.

  1. pf balanceepfo login,
  2. epf balance status,
  3. PF claim status,
  4. PF form download,
  5. uan passbook
  6. PF office locator,

epf balance by uan passbook

Also, check PF Rules. Epf Account for Self-employment professionals or visit epf homepage.



  1. hello, my pf balance not working since it in operative pf account.

    how to check epf balance for the inoperative account?


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